Deck of Chance

The Deck of Chance is the card deck which Walter Padick wields. He uses it to predict future events such as during The Gunslinger when he palavers with Roland Deschain and reveals the cards of Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers, Jack Mort, Life and the Dark Tower.

Known Cards and their meanings include:

  • The Sailor – Jake Chambers and the rebellion of the people of Gilead.
  • The Lady of Shadows – Susannah Dean and Gabrielle Deschain
  • The Prisoner – Eddie Dean
  • Death – Jack Mort
  • Life
  • The Dark Tower – The Dark Tower itself.
  • Dominion – The ruling of the Gunslingers.
  • Ruin – The Fall of Gilead.
  • The Hanged Man – Possibly Charles Champignon
  • The Magician – Walter Padick
  • The Fool – Roland Deschain

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