Dinky Earnshaw

Richard Ellery “Dinky” Earnshaw is a fictional character appearing in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and short story “Everything’s Eventual”. Dinky is a powerful psychic, also known as a Breaker. His ability manifests itself in the powerful form of psychic suggestion.

Everything’s Eventual

As a boy, Dinky was dreadfully afraid of a neighbor’s dog that, while tied to a tree in its yard, was still loud and hateful in its desire to break loose and bite anything it could. Becoming aware, not of his powers, but of images, Dinky sneaks out one Saturday morning, and draws dozens of bizarre symbols, shapes and eventually the dog’s breed. Days passed by, and it is discovered that the symbols somehow got into the dog’s head, driving it to commit suicide by strangling itself on its leash.

Dinky would later use his powers to kill an abusive coworker, via a letter. The coworker committed suicide by driving his car off the road. These talents eventually attract the attention of a company called TransCorp who hire him to slowly kill off their enemies. Dinky is told that he will be killing evil people, or “bullies on a grand scale.” Dinky is given everything he wants in exchange for his complete cooperation with TransCorp. The only thing he regrets about taking the new job is the loss of contact from one of his old friends.

In actuality, TransCorp is using him to kill influential newspaper columnists and liberal politicians. They give Dinky everything he could ever need, but as he slowly begins to put two and two together, he realizes he’s killing well-meaning, innocent people. As the story ends, Dinky is making his escape, but not before making a victim out of the man who recruited him.

The Dark Tower

Dinky later shows up in the seventh Dark Tower novel, to help Roland and his ka-tet repair one of the Beams holding up the Tower. He and a fellow psychic, Ted Brautigan, survive to attempt making their way back to their original universe, although their fate is never revealed.

His is one of the names Roland honors when he reaches the base of the Tower.

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