Ted Brautigan

Ted Stevens Brautigan (19 letters) was introduced in the Stephen King novella Low Men in Yellow Coats from Hearts in Atlantis. He is a powerful “Breaker”, a psychic, whose extraordinary powers as a facilitator are sought by the Crimson King so he can hasten the destruction of the beams and Dark Tower. Ted arrives in the Devar-Toi, the prison camp where the Breakers are held, in 1955, and with help from Roland’s old friend from Mejis, Sheemie Ruiz, soon escapes the Devar-Toi and enters the Connecticut of 1960, which is when the story of Low Men in Yellow Coats takes place. After his adventure in Connecticut, the low men capture and smuggle him back to the Devar-Toi via the Dixie Pig and Thunderclap Station. Ted meets Roland and his ka-tet in the final novel of the series, and he, Everything’s Eventual’s Dinky Earnshaw, and the newly-revealed psychic Sheemie assist the ka-tet in the attack on the Devar-Toi and ultimately succeed in obliterating the low men and the taheen. After Roland, Jake, and Oy travel to the Maine of 1999 to prevent Stephen King from dying, Ted and his friends escort Susannah Dean to Fedic Station, and Ted, along with a handful of the other psychic Breakers depart for the Callas, where they hope to first find redemption from the Calla folken and then return to America via the Doorway Cave.

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