Andrew Quick

Andrew Quick, known as the Tick-Tock Man to his followers, is a fictional character created by writer Stephen King appearing in The Dark Tower series. Quick serves as one of a few primary antagonists in The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands.

Andrew Quick is the great-grandson of David Quick, who was found dead in a 1930s Nazi fighter plane by Roland Deschain and his ka-tet before entering the city of Lud. Andrew led the Grays, a group of inhabitants in Lud. Quick ordered the capture of one of Roland’s crew, and upon receipt of the member, a child, Jake Chambers, was suddenly attacked. During the ensuing struggle between the Grays and Roland’s ka-tet, Andrew lost an eye and was shot in the head. He survived however, to meet a man referring to himself as Richard Fannin, and gladly enlisted to help find and kill Deschain.

Fannin claims to have chosen Quick because he reminds him of a man who once served him and whom he still has a sentimental spot for. He then asks Quick to repeat the phrase “My Life for You”. This refers to King’s novel The Stand and the character Trashcan Man, who subtly resembles Quick and the two may well be twinners.

Quick reappears, although in a much more minor role, in The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass. When Roland and his ka-tet reach a deserted and alternate Kansas from that of their own world, they travel down highway I-70, eventually reaching a green castle. The green castle and the events occurring between are almost an exact replica of The Wizard of Oz, with Quick turning out to be the man behind the curtain. Quick appears as an injured and mindless zombie serving Flagg. At the creature’s command, he attempts to kill Roland’s ka-tet, but does not, and is shot and killed in the process.

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