The People of Book 4: Wizard and Glass

Dark Tower IV : Wizard and Glass

Amy Childhood friend of Susan Delgado
Cynthia Friend of Odetta Holmes
Deborah 15 year old prostitute in Hambry
Francesca Name in a song from Hambry. Lover of Robert, who was killed by Robert in a murder/suicide
Jolene Woman in Hattigan’s bar in Ritzy. She had only 4 teeth
Luster Part of the group in Lud that attacked Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean
Maud Part of the group that attacked Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean in Lud
Robert Name in a song from Hambry. Lover of Francesca. He killed her, then cut his own throat in the Hambry cemetery
Allgood, Mother of Cuthbert Allgood, and wife of Robert. Owned a Serape
Allgood, Cuthbert Oldest childhood friend of Roland, and son of Robert. He “Died Laughing” according to Roland. He used the name “Arthur Heath” while in Hambry
Allgood, Robert Father of Cuthbert
Alvarez Daughter of Misha Alvarez. She was taught to ride by Susan Delgado
Alvarez Part of the group that captured Roland, Cuthbert and Alain at the Bar T Ranch in Hambry
Alvarez, Misha Her daughter was taught to ride by Susan Delgado
Andrus, Cortland (Cort) Roland’s teacher as a child. He often won the fair-day riddling contest. When Roland was 14 he challenged Cort and won, becoming the youngest Gunslinger ever. Son of Fardo
Andrus, Fardo Father of Cort. Broke the leg of Eldred Jonas during his trial as a Gunslinger
Arthur of Eld King of Eld, and one of Roland Deschain’s ancestors
Aton Name of the Old Star
Avery, Herkimer (Herk) Mejis Sheriff and Chief Constable of Hambry. Had a Big belly. He was part of the group that captured Roland, Alain and Cuthbert at the Bar K Ranch. He was shot by Susan Delgado when she helped Roland, Alain and Cuthbert escape from the Hambry jail
Bat, The One of the 12 Guardians
Bear, The One of the 12 guardians. Poem: See the bear of fearsome size, All the world’s within his eyes, Time grows thin, the past’s a riddle, the Tower awaits you in the middle
Beech, Mrs First mailbox into town of Hambry. This was where Susan Delgado and Roland parted company on the night they first met
Blaine The nasty pink monorail on the Lud to Topeka run that tried to kill Roland and his ka-tet. He wanted to commit suicide, and take the group with him. Ended up frying his logic circuits when faced with stupid joke questions by Eddie Dean
Blaine, Little Nice ‘personality’ of Blaine the monorail. He tried to warn Roland and his group about Blaine
Brandon Worked for Andrew Quick in Lud
Brannigan, Skipper Friend of Henry Dean. He once beat up a school dance chaperone
Bridger, Todd Deputy sheriff in Hambry. Part of the group that captured Roland, Alain and Cuthbert in the Bar T Ranch. He was the one that found they had escaped from the cell
Broadcloak, Marten Seduced Roland’s mother in the past. Wizard, and Steven’s adviser. Known as Randall Flagg. Roland and his group found him in the Green Palace on I-70, but he escaped before Roland could kill him
Brooks, Bob Engineer for Mid-World Railway in the book Charlie the Choo-Choo
Buckskin Richard Stockworth’s horse
Callaghan, Barkie Bouncer in Travellers Rest bar in Hambry
Caprichoso Travellers Rest pack mule in Hambry
Chambers, Elmer R Father of Jake and husband of Megan. Worked for a TV station
Chambers, John (Jake) Part of Roland’s ka-tet in search of the Dark Tower. The youngest of the group, and the son of Elmer and Megan
Chambers, Megan Mother of Jake and wife of Elmer
Charlie the Choo-Choo A 402 Big Boy steam locomotive from the book Charlie the Choo-Choo. There was a replica of him in Gage Park, Topeka
Claypool, Frank Deputy sheriff who fell out of a boat and broke his leg in Hambry
Clements, Justin Owner of Clements Gun Shop where Roland/Jack Mort got ammunition for his gun
Corbitt, Sandra Friend of Eddie Dean
Corcoran, John Wrote in the Topeka Capital-Journal paper about Captain Tripps Superflu. Dying of the flu
Craven Undertaker in Hambry
Crimson King, The The name was on a sign post outside Topeka. The open eye used by John Farson was more likely his symbol. Possible Flagg, but more likely a minion higher up the Dark Tower
Croydon, John Owner of the Piano Ranch in Hambry. Ran about 100 horses on the ranch, as well as a small orchard. Shot by Alain Johns east of Hanging Rock
Dark Man, The One of the Names for Randall Flagg
David The hawk that Roland used to defeat Cort when Roland tried out for Gunslinger. Died as a result of the injuries inflicted on him by Cort
De Curry, Jamie Childhood friend of Roland from Gilead
Dean, Edward Cantor (Eddie) Ex-Drug user that is now a part of the ka-tet in search of The Dark Tower. Brother of Henry, and he is now the “husband” of Susannah Dean. His jokes caused Blaine to self destruct
Dean, Henry Drug addict brother of Eddie
Dean, Susannah ‘Wife’ of Eddie. The combined personality of Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker
Dearborn, William Counter for the Affiliation. From New Canaan. Really Roland Deschain in disguise
Deepneau, Aaron Told Jake Chambers a riddle about Sampson
Delgado, Cordelia Sister of Patrick who looked after Susan after Pat’s death. She is a very selfish woman who often pleads she is poor, and helped push Susan into becoming a “Sheevin” or side-wife, for Hart Thorin. She died after realising what happened to Susan in the fire, but had suspected that there was more going on between Susan and William Dearborn than was obvious
Delgado, Hiram Father of Patrick and Cordelia Delgado
Delgado, Patrick Father of Susan and one of the best drovers in the area before he was killed in horse accident riding Ocean Foam when he was startled by a snake 5 years before Roland arrived in Hambry. He had red hair and a beard. In charge of the Barony horses for 30 years
Delgado, Susan 16 year old daughter of Patrick. She was betrothed to Hart Thorin, as a “Sheevin” or side-wife, to have his son as his wife was too old, but she met, then became the lover of Roland Deschain. Their love affair was seen by Rhea of the Coos, and she died by burning in the fire, along with her unborn child
Delia Horse Pat Delgado mentioned in his stockline book
Depape, Roy B One of the Big Coffin Hunters who followed Farson. 25 years old, red hair, and the youngest of the group. He frequented a prostitute called Gert Moggins. He murdered Hart Thorin, and put the blame on Roland, Alain and Cuthbert. He was shot by Roland at Hanging Rock
Deschain, Gabrielle Mother of Roland and wife of Steven. She was the lover of Marten Broadcloak. She was accidentally shot by Roland when he mistook her for Rhea
Deschain, Roland The last Gunslinger who is on his way to The Dark Tower with his ka-tet. In this book he tells of his past, with Susan Delgado, and John Farson’s men. While in Hambry he went under the name of William Dearborn
Deschain, Steven Gunslinger father of Roland and husband of Gabrielle. 29th generation descendant of Arthur of Eld. He was upset when Roland challenged Cort for his gunslinger status. Son of Henry the Tall
Doorkeeper, The In the house in Dutch Hill where Jake rejoined Roland. He tried to stop Jake’s passage
Drabnik, Csaba Friend of Henry Dean that was known as the “mad fucking hungarian”
Dubativo, Rhea The real name of Rhea of the Coos.
Duganelli, Frank Friend of Henry Dean
Eagle, The One of the 12 Guardians
Ermot Poisonous Green snake of Rhea of the Coos. Shot and killed by Roland when it tried to attack him
Evans, Beryl Wrote Charlie the Choo-Choo, the book Jake Chambers bought before entering Roland’s world
Farson, John Rebel who was known as The Good Man. He was over 6 feet tall, and said to be insane. His followers were put back, but not stopped by the actions of Roland, Alain and Cuthbert in Hambry
Felicia Horse given to Susan Delgado by Hart Thorin
Fish, The One of the 12 Guardians
Flagg, Randall Evil man that makes an appearance. Also known as the Walking Dude, and known to Roland as Martin Broadcloak, the lover of Gabrielle Deschain. He was almost shot by Roland in the Green Palace, but he escaped
Fredericks, Tommy Friend of Henry Dean
Garber Family who owned the Bar K ranch in Hambry, but left after the fire that destroyed most of it
Gasher Took Jake prisoner and delivered him to the Tick-Tock man in Lud
Glue Boy Arthur Heath’s horse
Good Man, The Rebel who’s real name was John Farson
Great Old Ones Not Gods, but people that almost had the knowledge of Gods who created many things in the ancient earth, including the Beams
Hackford, Morris Doctor that worked at St Francis Hospital and Medical Centre in Topeka. Quoted in the Topeka Capital-Journal
Hash One of Eldred Jonas’ men in Hambry
Haverty, John Father of Olive Haverty
Haverty, Olive Daughter of John. Maiden name of Olive Thorin
Hax Cook in the palace in Gilead. Hanged because he was a traitor
Heath, Arthur Counter for the Affiliation. From Gilead. Really Cuthbert Allgood in disguise. He had a Rook’s skull on the front of his saddle
Heath, George Father of Arthur. He did not really exist
Hendricks, Rodney Worked for George Latigo guarding the tankers that were destroyed by Roland, Alain and Cuthbert. He died in the Thinney
Henrietta Horse Pat Delgado mentioned in his stockline book. Had 2 foals
Henry the Tall Father of Steven of Gilead, and Grandfather of Roland
Hollis, Dave 18 year old Deputy Sheriff in Hambry. Wears a monocle. Husband of Judy Hollis. He was shot by Susan Delgado during the release of Roland, Alain and Cuthbert from the jail. He was part of the group that captured them at the Bar T Ranch
Hollis, Judy Wife of Dave. Also known as Judy Renfrew and Judy Wertner
Holmes, Odetta Susannah The “good” side of the Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker split personality. They combined to form Susannah Dean
Hookey, Brian Blacksmith in Hambry where Susan Delgado bought 4 shoes for her horse Felicia. He was in charge of the group guarding the Citgo oil patch. He was shot by Roland east of Hanging Rock
Hookey, Rufus Son of Brian Hookey
Hoots Worked for Andrew Quick in Lud
Jeeves Part of the group in Lud that attacked Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean
Jilly Puppet with Pinch, like Punch and Judy
Johns, Alain Friend of Roland, and son of Christopher Johns. While in Hambry he used the name Richard Stockworth. He had “The Touch” which gave him a slight psychic ability to sense others. He was the only one wounded in the attack East of Hambry, when he was scratched on the cheek
Johns, Christopher Father of Alain Johns
Jonas, Eldred Leader of the Big Coffin Hunters that had scars on his back from a whipping in Garlan. Gave Rhea one of the Wizards Rainbow called “Maerlyn’s Grapefruit” for safe keeping. His limp was caused by Cort’s father, Fardo, breaking his leg during his trial as a gunslinger. Has long white hair, moustache, and has a tattoo on his right hand. Twice the age of Reynolds. Head of the new security force in Hambry. He was part of the gang that captures Roland, Alain and Cuthbert at the Bar T Ranch. He was shot in the hand and twice in the face by Roland east of Hanging Rock, and Roland got the Glass ball off him
Kingery, Mr Teacher of Jake Chambers
Latigo, George One of the 6 Chief Lieutenants that worked for Farson and the main contact for Eldred Jonas. He died in the Thinney
Lengyll, Francis (Fran) Owner of the Rocking B Ranch. President of the Horsemen’s Association in Hambry. Ran about 140 horses on his ranch. His ranch also contains a Honda Generator that does not work. Shot by Roland east of Hanging Rock
Lion, The One of the 12 Guardians
Lobstrosities, The Creatures that attacked Roland in DT2
Luke Paul, Peter, Matthew and Luke are “Chancellors” in a deck of cards
Lydia Name of the Old Mother star
Maerlyn Magician, who is also known as The Ageless Stranger
Man in Black, The Worked for Farson, also known as Walter. Flagg
Matthew Paul, Peter, Matthew and Luke are “Chancellors” in a deck of cards
McCain, Larry Friend of Henry Dean in Juvenile Detention
McCann, Jamie Reaping boy that partnered Susan Delgado in Hambry
McCurdy, Sheb Piano player in Travellers Rest Bar in Hambry. He was also the piano player in DT1 that was shot by Roland in Tull
Mercer Author of “Homilies and Meditations” that Eldred Jonas drew on with Red Paint at the Bar T Ranch
Moggins, Gert Prostitute in Hambry that often slept with Roy Depape
Montoya, April Doctor from Stormont-Vail Regional Medical Centre that was quoted in the Topeka Capital-Journal
Morganstern, Conchetta Susan Delgado’s seamstress that worked on the Reaping Day costumes
Musty 6 Legged cat of Rhea of Coos. Has 2 extra legs, and a split tail
O’Hara, Bum Friend of Eddie Dean that owned a car
O’Shyven, Peter Range Riding husband of Theresa
O’Shyven, Theresa Maria Dolores Wife of Peter. Rug and draperies seller in Hambry, with obsessive tendencies. She used to lick the corners of the rooms clean. 40 years old, plump, and mother of 4
Ocean Foam Pat Delgado’s horse he was riding when thrown and killed when startled by a snake
Old Mother The star in Roland’s world called Lydia
Old Star The star in Roland’s world called Aton
Omaha One eyed gambler known to Roland. He died with a knife in his throat at a watch-me table
Ortega, Millicent Bit of a busybody in Hambry
Oy Pet of Jake Chambers. A Billy Bumbler that can repeat some words
Oz The ‘wizard’ who turned out to be the voice of Andrew Quick
Panelli, John Friend of Henry Dean
Patricia The Female companion of Blaine in Topeka. She committed suicide
Paul Paul, Peter, Matthew and Luke are “Chancellors” in a deck of cards
Pelia Horse owned by Pat Delgado
Perth, Lord Giant man in a story by Roland
Peter Paul, Peter, Matthew and Luke are “Chancellors” in a deck of cards
Pettie the Trotter Dancer and love girl in the Travellers Rest bar in Hambry. She is beginning to show her age, and is fat. She wanted to work behind the bar so she had some skills as her looks get worse
Pinch Puppet with Jilly, like Punch and Judy
Pittston, Sylvia Wandering preacher woman that Roland met in Tull later in his life, then killed. She went through the town of Hambry the year before Roland arrived
Polino, Jimmie Friend of Eddie Dean. Also called Jimmie Polio because of his club foot. Stole cigarettes from his mother
Pratt, Georgie Friend of Henry Dean
Pylon Susan Delgado’s 2 year old Rosillo horse
Quick, Andrew Known as the Tick Tock Man. See that entry for more information
Quint, Hiram Possibly worked at the Piano Ranch. Ran away when Roland, Cuthbert and Alain attacked at Hanging Rock. Bit of an idiot. He was said to have black and yellow fangs
Raines Bugler for Rodney Hendricks and Latigo. He died in the Thinney
Ravenhead, Piet Attestor of Richard Stockworth on ID papers. From Pennilton
Reed, James Attestor of William Dearborn on ID papers. From Hemphill
Renfrew, Hash (Rennie) Owner of the Lazy Susan ranch in Hambry. Biggest Horse ranch in Mejis. Ran about 80 horses. He was shot by Roland east of Hanging Rock
Renfrew, Judy See Judy Hollis
Reynolds, Clay One of the Big Coffin Hunters in Hambry. He murdered Kimba Rimer on the night before the Reaping. He eventually left and went on to rob banks with his lover Coral Thorin and 8 others. Caught in Oakley and hung
Rhea of the Coos Evil old witch-woman who’s full name was Rhea Dubativo. She was given “Maerlyn’s Grapefruit” to look after by Eldred Jonas, but she used it. She proved Susan Delgardo’s purity
Riggins, George Deputy Sheriff in Hambry
Rimer, Kimba Thorin’s chancellor, and Minister of Inventory. Elderly, Gaunt and Bald. Brother of Laslo Rimer. He was stabbed to death by Clay Reynolds. Lover of Coral Thorin
Rimer, Laslo Older brother of Kimba Rimer and owner of the Rocking H ranch in Hambry
Rivers, Lucas Attestor of Arthur Heath on ID papers. From Gilead
Romp, The Name given to the 2 headed Elk trophy in the Travellers Rest bar in Hambry
Ruiz, Stanley Father of Sheemie. Bartender of the Travellers Rest bar
Rusher Will Dearborn’s gelding horse
Shaw, Greta Housekeeper of the Chambers Family. Looked a little like Jean Stapleton
Sheemer, Dolores Mother of Sheemie
Sheemie Slightly retarded boy who works in the Travellers Rest bar in Hambry. Helped with messages between Susan Delgado and Roland. He was saved by Cuthbert Allgood when he accidentally tripped and spilled slops on the shoe of Roy Depape. Son of Dolores Sheemer, and Stanley Ruiz. He followed Roland, Cuthbert and Alain back to Gilead
Sloan, Steve Government representative who spoke about the Superflu in the Topeka Capital-Journal
Sooney Owner of a house in the Bad Grass, near Hambry where Susan was captured the first time. Had a red door. He left for Mannifolk 5 years before Roland arrived
Spanker One of the group that attached Susannah Dean and Eddie Dean in Lud, but he was killed shortly before the attack when his stone was drawn out, meaning it was his time to die
Stockworth Rancher father of Richard Stockworth that owned a thoroughbred horse that had to be put down after breaking it’s leg in a night race. This person did not exist, but was part of the boy’s cover story
Stockworth, Richard Counter for the Affiliation. From Pennilton, New Canaan. Really Alain Johns in disguise
Thomas, Maria Susan’s 18 year old maid in Hambry. Said to be the daughter of John Croydon (The owner of the Piano Ranch), but also supposed to be the sole support for her family
Thomas, Mr Father of Maria Thomas. She was said to be the sole source of support for her parents. (Chapter 10, Subchapter 2)
Thomas, Mrs Mother of Maria Thomas. She was said to be the sole source of support for her parents. (Chapter 10, Subchapter 2)
Thorin, Coral Owner of the Travellers Rest bar in Hambry. Sister of Hart Thorin. Liver of Kimba Thorin before his death, then she joined Clay Reynolds as his lover in his gang. She was shot in Oakley while robbing banks
Thorin, Hartwell 65 year old Mayor of Mejis. He wanted a son, but his wife could bare no children, so he hired Susan Delgado to bare him a son, and she was to be paid in Land and horses. Brother of Olive Thorin and reported to be half owner of the Travellers Rest bar. Murdered by Roy Depape on the night before reaping
Thorin, Olive Wife of Hartwell Thorin. She could not bare him any children due to her age. Plump woman who had not slept in the same bed as her husband for many years. Married name of Olive Haverty. She was shot and killed by Clay Reynolds as she escaped with Susan Delgado
Tick-Tock Man, The Evil man who kidnapped Jake in DT3. His real name is Andrew Quick. Also the Voice of Oz and Blaine the Mono. He was helped to escape Lud by Flagg, and was discovered in the Green Palace by Oy. Shot and killed by both Susan and Eddie Dean
Tilly Worked for Andrew Quick in Lud
Torres, Miguel Worked for Hart Thorin in Hambry. An elderly man that was called a “Mozo”
Turtle, The One of the 12 Guardians. Spoke to Roland when he looked at the Maerlin’s Grapefruit
Unwin, Talitha Old woman from River Crossing. She was called Aunt Talitha by many
Vannay, Abel Tutor of Roland, Cuthbert and Alain as children in Gilead
Walker, Detta Susannah Nasty personality of Odetta Homes. Combined with Odetta Holmes to become Susannah Dean
Walkin Dude, The One of the names people call Randall Flagg
Walter The man in Black from Roland’s past. Worked for John Farson. Wore a black robe, and gave people the creeps when he was with them. He acted like a magician
Wertner, Henry (Hank) Horse breeder and Stockliner in Hambry. Ran about 100 horses on his ranch, and also owned a small orchard. He took over the barony horses after Pat Delgado’s death
Wertner, Judy See Judy Hollis
White, Jake Owned a small orchard in Hambry. Part of the group that captured Roland, Cuthbert and Alain at the Bar T Ranch
Winston Attacked Eddie and Susannah in Lud
Wolf Dog owned by Hartwell Thorin. Possibly got in and chewed up the blue dress that was to be worn as part of the reaping celebrations for Susan Delgado
Wolf, The One of the 12 Guardians
Yolanda Horse Pat Delgado mentioned in his stockline book
Zoltan Pet Bird owned by Brown, just outside Tull