The People of Book 1: The Gunslinger

Dark Tower I : The Gunslinger

Ageless Stranger, TheAnother name for Maerlyn. The person who Walter (The Man in Black) said Roland must now seek and defeat
AileenFriend of Roland from his past
AliceWatched the Man in Black when he entered Tull. Worked in Sheb’s bar. Lover of Roland, and ex of Sheb. Shot dead by Roland when he left Tull
Allgood, CuthbertFriend of Roland. Owned of David the Falcon
Andrus, Cortland (Cort)Roland and Cuthbert’s teacher. Taught Roland how to Shoot
Beast, TheThe keeper of The Dark Tower
Broadcloak, MartenWizard from Roland’s past. Lover of Gabrielle Deschain
BrownLived on the edge of the desert, and fed Roland corn and beans, and gave him water. Owner of Zoltan the raven
CastnerOwner of Dry Goods emporium in Tull
Castner, MrsWife of Castner
Chambers, Elmer RFather of Jake. Worked for The Network
Chambers, John (Jake)Met Roland at the way station, and helped him with his quest for the man in black. He had died when pushed onto the road and hit by a Cadillac in his own world, and found himself in Roland’s world. He died falling from the railway tracks just before Roland caught up with the Man in Black
Chambers, MeganMother of Jake
CharlieOne of 3 kids in Tull asked someone, possibly Roland, how long he had been screwing his sister, and called him “Charlie”
DavidFalcon of Cuthbert. Became Roland’s weapon of choice for his fight with Cort
De Curry, JamieChildhood friend of Roland
Delgado, SusanLover of Roland. Murdered in a fire
Deschain, GabrielleMother of Roland. Wife of Steven of Gilead. Also known as Gabrielle of Arten
Deschain, RolandThe last Gunslinger who is on his way to The Dark Tower. Son of Steven and Gabrielle
Deschain, StevenFather of Roland and husband of Gabrielle. Also known as Steven of Gilead. Betrayed by Marten
Feldon, AmyHad her knees painted by Zachary in Tull. Shot by Roland when he was leaving Tull
Gabrielle of ArtenSee Gabrielle Deschain
HaxCook in the West kitchen. He was hung for plotting to kill the children with poisoned meat
Interloper, TheA person who was supposed to make people turn against God. Roland was accused of being one in Tull
Johns, AlainChildhood friend of Roland
JonasThought of by Roland as he was thinking of how Jake Chambers died in his own world
JonsonMan in the prayer service that praised God in Tull
KennerlyLivery worker in Tull. Molested his daughter. Shot by Roland when he killed the entire town of Tull
MaerlynThe Ageless Stranger. The Man in Black’s master. Second in line to the tower – controlled by the Tower’s master The Beast. The person who Walter (The Man in Black) said Roland must now seek and defeat
MaggieWorked with Hax in the west kitchen
Man in Black, TheThe man Roland was following. Also known from Roland’s past as the monk Walter. The furthest Minion of The Dark Tower
McCurdy, ShebOwner of a bar in Tull. Spoke to Roland in the high speech
Mill, AuntSung at Mort’s funeral in Tull. Shot by Roland when he killed the entire town of Tull
NortMan who was brought back to life after he dies by the man in Black. Crucified in the roof of the livery, probably by Sylvia Pittston, and thus escaped Roland’s killing
Pappa DocSupplies Brown with beans
Pittston, SylviaTull’s Preacher. Large woman, who had become the lover of the Man in Black, and thought she was carrying his baby. Wore out 5 bibles in 5 years. Shot by Roland when he killed the entire town of Tull
RandolphPerson in Roland’s past. Mentioned in passing
RobesonGuard. Spoke to Hax about poisoned meat
Shaw, GretaCook for the Chambers family
Slow Mutants, TheMutants who attacked Roland and Jake in the railway tunnel. Humanoid creatures, but badly deformed. Also seen in the castle after Roland left
SoobieDaughter of Kennerly. Lived in Tull. Shot by Roland when he killed the entire town of Tull
Speaking Demon, TheSpoke to Roland in the basement of the Way Station. Spoke in a voice similar to Allie from Tull. Roland took the jaw bone from this demon
Steven of GileadSee Steven Deschain
ThomasChildhood friend of Rolanda
WalterPart of Stephen, Roland’s father’s, group. A Monk. He was also known as the Man in Black that Roland was chasing
ZacharyPainted Amy Feldon’s knees
ZoltanRaven owned by Brown

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