Dandelo is a psychic vampire who feeds on emotions. He makes an appearance in Book VII: The Dark Tower. Using the name of ‘Joe Collins’, he lures Roland and Susannah into his cottage on Odd Lane (the street that crosses Tower Road in the White Lands of Empathica, and an anagram of “Dandelo”) and treats them to a feast. Afterward, he tells them that before entering All-World, he was a stand-up comedian. Roland asks to hear some of his act, during which Dandelo comes close to making Roland laugh to death. Susannah avoids entrapment because she is in the bathroom at the time, tending to a troublesome sore on her face. There she discovers a note apparently left by Stephen King himself (the note even acknowledges itself as a deus ex machina) that helps her puzzle out Joe’s true identity. Before he can sap all of Roland’s life force, Dandelo is killed by Susannah with two shots to the head.

It is later revealed that he had kept Patrick Danville captive as a ‘food source’ to drain of emotions; at one point Dandelo ripped out Danville’s tongue, preventing him from speaking.

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