An invading spirit who possesses Susannah Dean’s body in Wolves of the Calla. Originally an immortal spirit similar to a succubus, she saw and fell in love with a baby and longed to have one of her own (an unknown force kept her from coming too close to the child she loved and taking it for herself). Long after a plague ravaged the town of Fedic and the child was taken away, Mia struck a bargain with Walter/Flagg. If she would give up her formless immortality, Walter would give her a baby. Mia’s purpose in Walter’s and the Crimson King’s plan is to bear Roland’s child; prophecy has foretold that this child will be Roland’s doom.

Mia called the child her “chap”, and it was carried by both Susannah and Mia. Susannah had become pregnant with Roland’s seed from the demon she copulated with in “The Waste Lands”, during Jake’s Drawing. The demon, a hermaphrodite able to change its sex, had copulated previously with Roland as a female in The Gunslinger while Roland protected Jake and queried it for information. The demon had somehow preserved Roland’s seed (and allowed it to be somehow mixed with that of the Red King’s seed) and impregnated Susannah with it while male. Mia possessed Susannah in order to take over the birthing of her “chap”.

Mia is killed and eaten by her child, Mordred, shortly after giving birth.

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