Idris Elba as Roland?

idrisWith all of this talk about Idris Elba playing Roland, there has been a lot of good and bad things to say. I still think Javier Bardem is the best choice to date, but if you ask 100 different Dark Tower fans, you’ll probably get 100 different answers. Idris is a great actor, and as you can see in the picture here, could look like a badass in an old west/future/steampunk type of environment.

I think the problem with having Idris as Roland is more logistical than anything. There is way too much of the books revolving around Roland being white. The entire conflict between him and Detta is about him being white, then there is the Crimson King who calls Roland the white daddy, even the book covers show him as a white man. I mean that can be rewritten, or just left out of the movie/miniseries/whatever but it was a big part of the book.

From what I have read, based on assumed locations in the books, and Stephen King’s own remarks, Gilead is supposed to be in the Central/South America area, and the Deschain family is supposed to be more of a Latino descent, while not “white” necessarily, makes choices such as Javier Bardem make more sense.

Whatever they decide, and whoever they pick, I’ll still be watching that’s for sure, I’m not going to drop the whole thing over character choices.

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Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born

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10 Responses to Idris Elba as Roland?

  1. Fennarama says:

    It is always amazing to me how people find a way to back up their racism and call it “logistics”. The Crimson King was referring to “white” as in “good” versus evil, so I guess he can just be called “Good Daddy.” And Detta can easily find a black man to be “white washed” or any other conflict. Stop excusing your racism with false logic.

    • BJA says:

      I find it amazing how some people can find racism in anything. There is much more than what you mention about him being white. And of course, wanting Javier Bardem is racist too right?

      “The swaying figure’s white, haggard face was rough with beard-stubble”

      ” Andolini suddenly realized he was going to have to take care of the white-faced man right away”

      ” And she screamed because the invading raping presence was a honky.
      She could not see but nonethelesssensed his whiteness”

      “Ain’t I good nough cump’ny for white boys like you?” she cawed after them. “Or did you jes maybe

      want to have a pull on each other one’s little bitty white candle?”

      “Jake wheeled toward the gunslinger and saw that his face had gone as white as cottage cheese above

      the dusty no-color of his shirt. ”

      etc.. etc.. not to mention all of the mentions of him being a honky, and all of the mentions of his light blue eyes, etc..

    • Walter Bernhard says:

      I wonder if you would still defend the color swap if the literary character in question was originally black and was being made white for the movie. Would critizing that also make people de facto racists?

      • SolielRose says:

        It is a little known fact that most cowboys back in the day were black. It makes perfect sense in that case that Roland is black. Keep remembering that this is a different level of the tower.

        • Walter Bernhard says:

          I don’t care about the color swap. I’m just tired of idiots pointing and screaming “racist” at everyone with a different opinion. My only real concern is that this movie is just going to be another shitty cash-in like the last several dozen Hollywood book adaptations.

    • letterrip says:

      This concern troll makes no sense. White guilt is a hoot.

  2. mbrendlen says:

    I think Elba would make a better Flagg and Michael Fassbender would be an amazing Roland

  3. SolielRose says:

    Have yall seen these????? I think that they are a game

  4. auroraglacialis says:

    I feel confused by a black actor. I would not mind it if the character was not described in detail in the books, but as it is, it slike making a movie about Albert Einstein and choosing a Bollywood actor to play him or a movie about Martin Luther King and let a Latino play him. Sure it can somehow work out, but it does not match with the (hi)story. Roland is clearly described as light skinned with pale blue eyes – there are several small racial “differences” in the book because of this. Detta and Roland for example. Also the townfolks of Rivers Crossing are specifically wondering about Susannah being the only dark skinned member of the ka-tet.
    So I am glad that this is going to be a sequel and not an attempt to really reproduce the story of the book – in a sequel, one can skip all these issues without having to cheat on the book too much.

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