book1-05-the-slow-mutantsThere are many varied creatures throughout the worlds of Roland and his ka-tet, ranging from completely unique to specific worlds, to mutated versions of our worlds creatures, to android and robotic.

Creatures with their own pages are listed below, and the rest are summarized below those.


Bizarre creatures who live on the beaches of the Western Sea. They look like a cross between scorpions and giant lobsters. They’re about four feet long, with sharp serrated beaks, and eyes on stalks. They constantly murmur questions: Dad-a-chum? Dum-a-chum? Ded-a-Chek? Did a chick? They are venomous but despite this they are edible (as proven by Eddie). They assume what Roland calls “The Honor Stance” when the waves come in. “The Honor Stance” is when they hold their claws up in the air. This stance is held until the waves wash over them. The lobstrosities also appear to be more vicious at night. One of these creatures is responsible for taking two of Roland’s fingers and one of his toes. Eddie also has a dream he is ripped apart by these creatures while tied up on the beach by Detta.


Billy-Bumblers, also known simply as bumblers or throcken (a group of bumblers), are creatures with black and grey striped fur, spiral tails, and gold-ringed eyes. They look like a cross between raccoons, woodchucks, and dachshunds.

Bumblers are much more intelligent than canines and were used to herd sheep before the world moved on. Others were bred to hunt the Grandfather fleas. They also had stayed in barony castle. They have the ability to mimic what they hear. Billy-Bumblers are particularly sensitive to the approach of a Starkblast, and will face north when one is coming.

The Wolves

The Wolves appear in Wolves of the Calla, and are similar to the mechanical bear, Shardik. They appear to resemble the famous Fantastic Four villain, Doctor Doom, and use tiny golden grenades called “sneetches ” (a homage to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter) as well as energy-emitting swords that resemble light sabers (a tribute to George Lucas’ Star Wars films) . The Wolves, preparing to attack the Calla, are ultimately defeated by Roland Deschain and his ka-tet.

The Wolves work for the Crimson King, and are responsible for taking the children of the Calla and bring them back to Fedic so they can take the children’s brain matter to feed the Breakers, leaving the children roont. The final time the Wolves came was their last, and there are no more left.

The Cam Tam

The Cam Tam, also known as Doctor Bugs or Doctors of Eluria, are insects about the size of a small honeybee and are used by the Little Sisters of Eluria. Unlike the Grandfather Fleas they are healers that feed of disease, fix broken bones and while they are healing they sing music that is very entrancing. Because of this these little creatures help the Little Sisters with blending in as nurses.


Not-Men are believed to be vengeful spirits who have escaped the flaming pits of Na’ar so that they may rape, plunder and pillage. However known Not-Men have been hung for their crimes and so are known to be mortal creatures.

They refuse to share the secrets of their race to others even when on trial for their lives. Some people still believe they are were-creatures and that they turn invisible during a full moon as most of their attacks occur near to a full moon. Other traditions say they are an association of criminals with stealth technology from the Old Ones.

Almost all Not-Men who are caught for their crimes escape, even when under heavy guard, and in some circumstances they seem to have slipped through the bars of their jail cell leading to some people believe they have shape-shifting capabilities.

In the Marvel Comics, Not-Men have been seen to take on Human forms when not invisible, so it could be possible that their two main forms are invisible and human.


A Were-Spider is a creature that is primarily human, but can transform into a spider. The name is similar to were-wolf but, unlike were-wolves, Were-Spiders can transform at will. When a person who is born a Were-Spider is in their spider form they grow increasingly hungry due to their rapid growth (which is seen with Mordred Deschain).


Skin-Men are humans that have the ability to morph into various animals. The only sighting of a Skin-Man in The Dark Tower Series is in The Wind Through the Keyhole, when there is a Skin-Man that has been going around killing many of the residents in Debaria.


An Uffi is an ancient word for a shape-shifter.

Rando Thoughtful, along with Brass and Compson, posed as an uffi outside Le Casse Roi Russe. Rather than being an actual shape-shifter, they used glammer to appear as the Stephen King clones, Feemalo, Fimalo, and Fumalo.

The Vagrant Dead

The Vagrant Dead are people who have died that have yet to move on. They either have refused to accept the fact that they are dead or they were killed so quickly that they haven’t realized it yet. As such, they always stay near the places where they died.

They can be seen when one goes todash. They are frightening to behold as they bear the injuries that they received in life. Even though they are not visible when one is not todash, people can still sense them and will avoid walking into them if at all possible.

Roland Deschain learned that it was possible to see these creatures when todash from Christopher Johns when he was still a boy.

The vagrant dead were seen in Wolves of the Calla when Roland and his ka-tet were taken by Black Thirteen to Todash New York City. Also Father Callahan ran into some during his travels on the Highways in Hiding.


Caprichoso, commonly called Cap, is the mule of Sheemie. He carries Sheemie from the Barony of Mejis after the events of Wizard and Glass and is with him when he arrives at Gilead.

The mule nearly gets taken by Slow Mutants, however Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns save the mule and Sheemie from them.


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