Slow Mutants

Slow Mutants are a fictional offshoot of humanity in the post-apocalyptic world of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

Slow Mutants are the result of a long-passed nuclear war. They have luminous green skin, and a variety of twisted faces.

Roland Deschain, the gunslinger, seems to be very familiar with them. He encounters them several times in his adventures. The first time is in “The Little Sisters of Eluria”, where they demonstrate the ability to talk and make rudimentary decisions.

Roland later encounters a different group of Slow Mutants during the events of The Gunslinger. While travelling under the mountains with Jake Chambers in pursuit of the man in black. The Slow Mutants attack Roland and Jake as they travel along the long disused railroad tracks using a handcart. Roland kills the Slow Mutants, with some assistance from Jake.

In Song of Susannah, it is revealed that most of the walk-ins that appear in the state of Maine are actually Slow Mutants, that have escaped Roland’s world as the Beams that hold reality together become weaker. In the Seventh Dark Tower book, a group or people of Slow Mutants are called ‘Sons of Roderick’. One example is the walk-in they meet in year of 1977 in the keystone world.

At one point of the series Roland mentions that after the fall of Gilead, slow mutants could be found in the dark corners of the Great Hall of Gilead.

In Marvel’s comic adaptation of the series, a Slow Mutant is seen in The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, being used by John Farson’s forces for dangerous work with antiquated machines. By the events of The Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead, Farson’s forces have trained the creatures to use crude poison darts as weapons and that they have begun to wonder into Gilead and the surrounding country. When Farson and Marten Broadcloak attack Gilead, they use thousands of Slow Mutants as shock troops, sending many to their deaths in various mantraps and against the city walls.

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