Speaking Demon

Demon Elementals are fictional characters in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Left behind when the Prim receded, the Demon Elementals are the dark counterparts to the Guardians of the Beam.

Just as there are two Guardians for each Beam that crosses the Dark Tower, there is one Demon Elemental. Each Demon Elemental has two aspects, however, one male, and one female. Thus there are twelve Demon Elementals.

The Demon Elementals watch over the world of the speaking demons, ghosts and ill-sicks. While the Guardians serve the White, the Demon Elementals serve the Outer Dark. One Demon Elemental tricked both Roland and Susannah into becoming parents for Mordred, first by having sex with Roland in female form in exchange for prophecy, then by having sex with Susannah in male form while she tried to distract him as Eddie brought Jake back to Mid-World.

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