There are many unique objects in Rolands world, and the other worlds, ranging from unique to mundane. Everything has a purpose, no matter how small. Objects with their own pages are linked below, and the rest are summarized below those.

The Horn of Eld

The Horn of Eld is the personal horn of Arthur Eld. It was passed down the generations until it reached Roland Deschain.

Originally, the Horn was lost in the battle of Jericho Hill. Roland had given the Horn to Cuthbert Allgood, who blew it until he died. Roland neglected to obey his friend’s final wishes and left the Horn at Jericho Hill.

Upon the resumption of his quest to reach the Dark Tower, Roland is once again in possession of the Horn. In this iteration of the cycle, Roland remembered to retrieve the Horn at Jericho Hill. His possession of the Horn may be a sign that Roland is closer to his redemption.

Stephen King’s inspiration for the Horn of Eld almost certainly comes from the French poem, “The Song of Roland”. In it, there is a battle that bears some similarities to the Battle of Jericho Hill. The Roland mentioned in the poem dies when he calls for reinforcements, from the exertion of blowing the horn.


The “Sköldpadda” is a scrimshaw turtle found by Susannah Dean in Song of Susannah. It was found inside a pocket in the Mid-World bowling bag, the bag used to contain Black Thirteen and was found in the vacant lot. Its name was given to it by Mathiessen Van Wyck, a Swedish businessman. Sköldpadda is the Swedish word for turtle, it is made from ivory and it is extremely old.

The sköldpadda has a number of powers. It has the power to hypnotize anyone that sees it, allowing the bearer to plant suggestions in the viewer’s mind and even erase memories. It was used in the Dixie Pig by Jake Chambers and Donald Callahan as a weapon against the vampires and can-toi and is lost by him.

It is then re-found during the on-line game Discordia under a table by Op19 bearing a small scratch shaped like a question mark.

The source of its power is Maturin, one of the guardians of the beams. It appears to be one of the “can tah” or little gods.


Riddle-De-Dum! Brain-Twisters and Puzzles for Everyone! was a book purchased by Jake Chambers at The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind . It contains many riddles, but the answers to them were ripped out. Some of the riddles were used in the riddling contest with Blaine the Mono, but Blaine was able to answer them all correctly. The author of Riddle-De-Dum is unknown.

Charlie the Choo-Choo

Charlie the Choo-Choo was a book purchased by Jake Chambers at The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind. It tells the story of Charlie the Choo-Choo and Engineer Bob. In the book, Charlie is very friendly and dependable, yet Charlies smile is often described as being untrustworthy. Charlie bears many similarities to Blaine the Mono.


Sneetches are self propelled flying exploding objects used by the Wolves in Wolves of the Calla, as well as the Crimson King from the balcony of the Dark Tower he has become trapped on. They appear to be able to seek targets, and can have a timer set on them to countdown, both methods are used in Wolves of the Calla and The Dark Tower.


Excalibur is the legendary sword of Arthur Eld made from blue-grey steel.

The sword is believed to have originated in the same pyramid in the desert of Kashamin that Arthur was emtombed in and is believed by some to have been melted down to forge the Sandalwood Guns.


The Jawbone was taken from the Speaking Demon in the Way Station. Roland Deschain took it knowing that it could prove useful when dealing with similar demons in the future.

Roland gave the jawbone to Jake when they approached the Oracle in the Mountains. He knew that the Oracle would call to Jake and that Jake would have a hard time resisting that call.

The jawbone was later lost.

Thinking Cap

A Thinking Cap is an item in Mid-World that is worn by many creatures and people on their heads, much like a hat.

Many of the robotic creations of North Central Positronics wear such devices. In fact, the first time the term is mentioned is by Roland in The Waste Lands when referring to Shardik’s metallic cap that also has a satellite. The Wolves also have thinking caps and is their weakest point. This fact was discovered when Jamie Jaffords and his friends stood against the Wolves.

A different form of a thinking cap is also worn by Walter in The Dark Tower as a means to prevent Mordred from reading his thoughts. It is the same type of Thinking Cap worn by the can-toi in Devar-Toi. This ploy fails as Mordred is smarter than Walter expected, and so Mordred hears what Walter thinks. Walter meets his end after Mordred commands Walter to feed himself to him.

The Grow Bag

The Grow Bag is one of Roland Deschain’s possessions. It was given to him by his father, Steven. It has the ability to generate coins.

Roland pulled out the grow bag in Calla Bryn Sturgis. He gave money to the members of his ka-tet to purchase goods at Took’s General Store.

Ruby Shoes

The Ruby Shoes are the shoes that were left in front of the Emerald City by Randall Flagg for Roland Deschain and his ka-tet. The shoes, like the emerald castle, is a reference to the Wizard of Oz (more specifically, Dorothy’s red shoes).

Roland first had a vision of them when he was stuck within Maerlyn’s Grapefruit in Mejis.

Oy was left four leather booties, Susannah two “cappies” decorated with rhinestones or diamonds, Jake a pair of handmade Oxfords, Eddie a pair of Cuban heels or “street-boppers”, and Roland a pair of cowboy boots.

Roland’s Compass

Roland’s Compass is the compass he receives from the Old Diseased Man in The Journey Begins. The man wants Roland to bring the compass to the Man Jesus. The compass is pretty much useless to Roland because as he says later in the novels, “One day north is north and the next it could be north east”.


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