Clay Reynolds

Clay Reynolds is Eldred Jonas’ right-hand man and the quietest of the Big Coffin Hunters. He is described as red-haired and especially handsome, and has a reputation as a ladies’ man. His most notable accessory (besides his pistol) is a long red cloak. When the Hunters are framing Roland and his friends he volunteers to kill Kimba Rimer with a long dagger he bought for the occasion, in revenge for a comment Rimer made about his cloak. During the ensuing confusion that transpires near the end of The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, Clay escapes from Mejis with Coral Thorin, and the two become a bandit couple. It is interesting to note that King first cites Reynolds as having red hair, then changes it to dark (brown/black), then references Depape as being “be-spectacled and red-haired” several times. Roland mentions that both Reynolds and Coral Thorin were killed in a failed robbery several years after the events of Mejis. In the comic series The Long Road Home, Reynolds is seen leading a possee of Mejis citizens in pursuit of Roland’s Ka-tet, which they break off when Cuthbert Allgood cuts a rope bridge over a wild river. In the one shot issue The Sorcerer, Reynolds is seen being whipped by John Farson for losing Maerlyn’s Grapefruit while Coral Thorin waits outside Farson’s tent.

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