Richard Patrick Sayre

The leader of the can-toi and the head of the Sombra Corporation, Sayre is the individual who lured Callahan to his death in 1983. He is the one who witnesses Mordred’s birth in the Extraction Room at the Arc 16 Experimental Station in Fedic, and he meets his end when he is shot twice in the back of the head (once for Mia, once for Pere Callahan) by Susannah. Like several other characters, his name is 19 letters long. He, like all low men, has a large red dot on his fore head that resembles an open wound. His usual attire was a black shirt with black pants, a yellow sports coat, and blood-red tie. He was killed while drawing his pistol by Susannah Dean when she tried to escape after Mordred devoured Mia.

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