Roy Depape

Arguably the shortest-tempered of the Big Coffin Hunters, Roy Depape’s hot-headedness is one of the major catalysts for events in Wizard and Glass; through threatening Sheemie Ruiz following a mishap in the local tavern, Roy sets off a multi-layered Mexican standoff between Roland’s original ka-tet and the Big Coffin Hunters. Though the situation is initially resolved with diplomacy, the event reveals to Jonas the true nature of Roland and his friends (who were hiding incognito in Mejis under aliases) and blows their cover. When the Big Coffin Hunters frame the young Gunslingers for murder he kills mayor Hart Thorin and plants the rook’s skull that ties Cuthbert and by extension Roland and Alain to the crime. He was killed by Cuthbert when Roland and company jumped him and Eldred Jonas.

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