Thomas Whitman

Not much is known about Thomas Whitman. He is only briefly mentioned in The Gunslinger as one of Roland Deschain’s childhood friends who studied under Cort. He is shown in several installements of the Gunslinger comics. He is shown to have a lean build with short, black hair. In the Battle of Jericho Hill, he and several other Gunslingers are killed by a flamethrower.

Thomas Whitman is a fictional character in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Descended from Gunslingers on his mother’s side, Thomas trains to become a Gunslinger like his grandfather and uncles.

Thomas’ father was an affluent businessman in Gilead’s Old Quarter, and his wife’s family believed she married beneath her. Happy in her marriage to Thomas’ father and glad to be living a life of affluence away from the violent lifestyle of her relatives, Deborah Whitman was not supportive of her son’s desire to train as a Gunslinger. Because she was the only one of her siblings to have a son, he was named his grandfather’s heir and sent to train under Cort as a Gunslinger apprentice.

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