The People of Book 3: The Wastelands

Dark Tower III : The Wastelands

Alice (Allie)Woman in Tull with a scar on her forehead. Killed by Roland
BillyGuy playing Naughts and Crosses on the wall
EliBlack guy that spoke to a cop that was talking to Jake
FrankPart of the group that attacked Eddie and Susannah in Lud
LaurieThis name was said by John Chambers when talking to his wife Megan. Maybe it is a nickname? In Key and Rose, Subchapter 1
LeonFriend of Sarah Dean that was called a Pinko-fag
LusterPart of the group that attached Eddie and Susannah in Lud. Shot
MaryanneJake Chambers watched Henry Dean pick on her while she worked at the Majestic Theatre. 18 years old
MaudPart of the group that attacked Eddie and Susannah in Lud. Led the 2 of them to Blaine
Norton (Nort)A weed eater in Tull that died and was brought back to life by the Man in Black. Killed by Roland
RegUncle of Eddie Dean. Worked as a painter on bridges
Sophia (Aunt Blue)Aunt of Odetta Holmes. Odetta was going to her wedding when the brick was dropped on her head
TimmyWorked at the Midtown lanes bowling alley
Ageless Stranger, TheAlso known as Richard Flagg and Richard Fannin. Mentioned by Walter to Roland
Allgood, CuthbertChildhood friend of Roland. He believed in the 12 guardians, but would not believe in Ghosts until he actually saw one
Andolini, JackDrug Dealer that was killed
Andrus, Cortland (Cort)Roland’s teacher as a child
AponName used for Old Star. Married to Lydia (Old Mother)
ArdisLast person to go near Blaine in Lud. He was asked a question, and when he could not answer it, he was electrocuted
Avery, Bonita (Bonnie)English teacher at The Piper School. Gave Jake an “A+” on his final English report titled “My Understanding of Truth”
Balazar, EnricoDrug Dealer that was killed. Owner of the Leaning Tower bar
Bango SkankGraffiti artist name on the wall outside the location of the new Turtle Bay Luxury Condominiums
Barons, TheThey used to shoot fireworks into the sky when Roland was a child
Bear, TheOne of the 12 Guardians. Known as Shardik. Opposite The Turtle. It was dying, and was killed by Susannah Dean shooting it in the radar disk on it’s head. More information in Shardik’s entry
Bissette, HarveyFrench teacher in The Piper School. Came to see Jake’s parents after he ran out of school on May 29, 1977. His home phone is 5557661
Blaine the MonoEvil Monorail on the Lud to Topeka run. He agreed to take Roland and the group on a trip, provided they ask him riddles, but once they were on board he hinted that this was actually a suicide run
Blaine, LittleHidden ‘Personality” of Blaine. Tried to warn and help the ka-tet
BrandonWorked for the Tick-Tock man. He retrieved the knife for The Tick-Tock man, but was stabbed in the arm by Gasher, then shot by Roland
Briggs, MrRoundhouse manager in the book Charlie the Choo-Choo
Broadcloak, MartenWizard from Roland’s past who seduced his mother
Brooks, BobEngineer for Mid-World Railway in the book Charlie the Choo-Choo. He did the St Lewis to Topeka run, and when Charlie was retired, so did he
Brooks, MrsWife of Bob Brooks in the book Charlie the Choo-choo. She died in New York
BrownThe owner of Zoltan the bird, and the last person Roland saw before entering the desert
Bunkowski, MrsFriend of Mrs Dean
CassiopeiaPerson in one of Roland’s stories. Caught with Apon (Old Star)
Chambers, Elmer RFather of John (Jake) Chambers. TV Executive in charge of Programming. Smoked 60 or more Camel Cigarettes a day. Possibly uses drugs as well. His middle name is just an initial, not a name
Chambers, John (Jake)Young boy that was killed in DT1, but now is causing problems because Roland saved him from dying in DT2, making his memory divide into 2 realities. He eventually re-joins the group through a doorway between the worlds
Chambers, MeganMother of Jake Chambers
CharlieThe train in Charlie the Choo-choo. He is retired, then brought back to work in a fun park for children. A 402 Big Boy Steam Locomotive
CopperheadWorked for the Tick-Tock man. He started the Drums each day. He was shot in the back by Roland
De Curry, JamieChildhood friend of Roland
Dean, Edward Cantor (Eddie)One of Roland’s Travelling companions. Ex drug addict. He carved the key from a piece of wood that allowed Jake Chambers to rejoin the group
Dean, GloriaSister of Eddie. Died when run over by a drunk driver at 6 years old. 4 years older than Eddie, and 4 years younger than Henry
Dean, HenryOlder brother of Eddie. Died of a drug overdose. He always had to “Watch Out” for his younger brother
Dean, MrsMother of Eddie
Dean, SusannahSusannah is the product of the combination of Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker 2 personalities
Dedrie the MadGrandmother of Roland
Deepneau, AaronPlayed chess with Calvin Tower in the “Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind”
Denby, TomName used to the police by Jake Chambers
Deschain, RolandThe gunslinger who is after the Dark Tower with his ka-tet
Deschain, StevenFather of Roland
DewlapOld man who fed apples into cider machine in Lud when Andrew Quick was a child
Dog, TheOne of the 12 Guardians. Opposite the Horse
Doorkeeper, ThePart of the house on Rhinehold street that tried to stop Jake Chambers from entering Roland’s world
El Tiante 91Graffiti name seen by Jake Chambers
Evans, BerylWrote the book “Charlie the Choo-choo” that was bought by Jake Chambers in “The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind”
Fannin, RichardThe Ageless stranger, who befriends Andrew Quick (Tick-Tock Man). Note the R.F initials (He turns out to be Randall Flagg in DT4)
Farson, JohnLed the revolt that destroyed Roland’s world. Roland stole “Something of importance” from him, and killed many of his followers
Feeney, AndrewChauffeur for Odetta Holmes
Fish, TheOne of the 12 Guardians. Opposite the Rat
Fontleroy, Little LordThe dwarf that started the attack on Eddie and Suannah in Lud was dressed as Little Lord Fontleroy
Franks, JoanneSchool secretary at the Piper School. She manually rings the bells for each class
GasherKidnapped Jake and took him to the Tick-Tock man in Lud. Shot by Roland
Great Old OnesNot Gods, but people that almost had the knowledge of Gods. They created many things in the ancient earth of Roland’s past. They created the Beams
Guardians, TheThe 12 guardians of the portals to the Dark Tower. All animals, including the Bear, Dog, Fish, Horse, Lion, Rat and Turtle
Harley, MrHeadmaster of the Piper School. He gave a speech to the students on Exam week
HaxHead Cook in Roland’s fathers Castle. He said that the Great Old Ones created the 12 Guardians
Holmes, Odetta SusannahNice personality, and original name of the woman who became Susanna Dean
Holmes, Sarah WalkerMother of Odetta Holmes
HootsWorked for the Tick-Tock man in Lud. Shot in the back by Roland
Horse, TheOne of the 12 Guardians. Opposite the Dog
Hotchkiss, MrPiper School psychologist
JeevesPart of the group that attacked Eddie and Susannah in Lud. Spoke about the machinery under the streets
Jesserling, PetraIn the Piper School with Jake Chambers. She flirted with Jake
Johns, AlainChildhood friend of Roland that believed in the 12 Guardians
KillingtonPassenger on the monorail in Eddie’s mind when he is in the Cradle in Lud
Knopf, MrJake’s Algebra teacher in the Piper School
Lady of the Shadows, TheSusannah Dean. The shadows were her 2 personalities
Lion, TheOne of the 12 Guardians
Lobstrosities, TheTook some of the fingers of Roland’s hand, and part of his toe when he awoke near the beach at the start of DT2
LydiaName used for the Old Mother star. Married to Apon (The Old Star) in Roland’s story
MaerlinOne of the names for the Ageless Stranger. He was really never Maerlin, only called it by the people
Man in Black, TheAlso known as Walter. He died in DT1, and Roland has his jawbone. When it is thrown in the fire, Eddie Dean sees the shape of the key required for the door to Jake Chambers world
MartenSteven Deschain’s Court magician. He taught Roland to hypnotise people using a bullet. He used this on Jake Chambers
Martin, RaymondPresident who ordered Charlie the Choo-Choo replaced in the book Charlie the Choo-Choo
Martin, SusannahDaughter of Raymond in the book Charlie the Choo-Choo
McCurdy, ShebPiano player in Tull that Roland has met in the past. Owner of Sheb’s Bar, and was killed by Roland
MercyWoman in the town of River Crossing. Wife of Si. Blind in both eyes when she was burned in the face with a branding iron by the Harriers 25 years before Roland’s group went into River Crossing
MirOne of the 12 guardians. This is the earth name given to him, but his real name is Shardik. A bear shape robot. Mir means “The world beneath the world”
Mort, JackPushed Jake Chambers in front of the car and killed him, Dropped the brick on Odetta Walkers head, and pushed her in front of the train when she lost her legs. When Roland entered Mort’s body, he sensed that he was about to kill Jake, and he stopped him. This led to the 2 realities faced by Jake and Roland – that Jake both dies and does not die
Motorvan MikeGraffiti name seen by Jake Chambers
MuffinSon of Bill. He saw the bridge into the city of Lud 10 years before Roland and the group were in River Crossing
Muffin, BillIn River Crossing. He saw the bridge into the city of Lud 10 years before Roland and the group were in River Crossing
Murdock, ReverendKnown to Odetta Holmes. He preached at the Grace Methodist Church
New people, TheWhat Shardik called Roland and his group when he sensed them
Old MotherThe star in Roland’s world. Known as Lydia
Old People, TheThe people that lived in the Great West woods. They attacked Shardik the bear, and he killed some of them in return – often women and children
Old StarThe star in Roland’s world. Known as Apon
OyBilly-Bumbler who joined the ka-tet and saved Jake’s life by attacking the Tick-Tock man
Parasites, TheWhite parasites were slowly eating all the flesh bits of Shardik, the Bear. They died as soon as they left the bears body
PatriciaMonorail who was friend of Blaine, but committed suicide. She travelled North-West
Perth, LordGiant man in a story by Roland. He was a giant that was brought down by a boy hitting him in the knee with a stone
Pittston, SylviaReligious woman in Tull that was killed by Roland
Prisoner, TheThe Prisoner of Heroin – Eddie Dean
QuickFather of Andrew
Quick, AndrewName of the Tick-Tock man. Great Grandson of David Quick. His left eyes was punctured by Oy during a fight, and Jake shot him in the leg, and then in the head with a .22 pistol. He was left for dead, but did not really die as the bulled grazed his skull
Quick, DavidGiant man who was a Warrior Prince who led an army through River Crossing 90 years before Roland and the group passed through River Crossing. Legend says that he died “Falling from the Sky” and was found dead in a German Focke-Wulf plane by Roland and the group
Rat, TheOne of the 12 Guardians. Opposite The Fish
ShardikName of The Bear, known to the locals as Mir. It was made by North Central Positronics Ltd, in Granite City, Northeast Corridor, and was a Design 4 Guardian with a serial number of AA 24123 CX 755431297 L 14. When Roland and his group found it, it is dying, and full of white parasites. Part flesh, and part machine. When it dies it asks for people to call 1-900-44 to receive a reward. Oddly enough Shardik is also a mythical bear in Richard Adam’s book “Shardik”
Shaw, GretaChambers family house keeper
SiOld man in River Crossing. Husband of Mercy
Slow Mutants, TheEvil and nasty mutants who now inhabit much of the earth
SpankersIn charge of a group in Lud that attacked Eddie and Susannah. He was killed by the group just before they attacked Eddie and Susannah
Speaking Demon, TheRoland found the speaking Demon in the cellar in the Way Station, and used its jawbone as a talisman
Speedy GonzalesGraffiti name seen by Jake Chambers
Staunton, AndrewThe police officer that shot Roland/Jack Mort in the chest, hitting his lighter
Stevens, BelindaGirl in the toilet at the Piper School
Summer, DonnaSinger playing on the boombox just before Jake was supposed to die, but did not
Surrey, DavidIn the English class at Piper School with Jake Chambers
Tick-Tock Man, TheThe man in charge of a group in Lud. His real name is David Quick. More information under David Quick
TillyWorked for the Tick-Tock man. Heavyset red headed woman that was let go by Roland, but would have died shortly after by poison released into the atmosphere in Lud by Blaine
Topsy the SailorPart of the group that attacked Eddie and Susannah in Lud. He was not there in that day
Tower, CalvinRan “The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind” bookshop where Jake bought 2 books – Charlie the Choo-choo and a riddle book
Tudbury, BillOne of identical twin albino’s in River Crossing. Brother of Till
Tudbury, TillOne of identical twin albino’s in River Crossing. Brother of Bill
Turtle, TheOne of the 12 Guardians. Opposite to the Bear. He has the earth on his back on Roland’s stories. Subject of the poem Jake Chambers read on the wall near the Rose: See the TURTLE of enormous girth! On his back he holds the Earth. If you want to run and play, Come along the BEAM today
Unwin, Aunt Talitha (Old Mother)Old lady in River Crossing. Head of the community and over 105 years old
Vannay, AbelTutor of Roland. He was an excellent Riddler, and said that a boy that could answer a riddle was a boy that could think around corners
Walker, Detta SusannahNasty personality of Odetta Holmes that has now combined to form Susannah Dean
Walker, SarahMaiden name of Sarah Holmes
WalterThe man in Black from Roland’s past. He died at the end of DT1. Roland thinks that Walter was behind Jack Mort pushing Jake Chambers in front of the car
WinstonAttacked Eddie and Susannah in Lud. He wielded a cutlass and was wearing a Kilt wrap. Shot by Susannah
ZoltanRaven owned by Brown in DT2

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