The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Waystation

The Way Station was first published on February 1, 2012 with the last issue being published on June 1, 2012; there are five issues. The hardback version was released in Canada on June 27, 2012; it will be released in the US and UK on later dates.

The events take place after The Battle of Tull and is the second set of comics to be set during the events of the novel, The Gunslinger. Roland meets Jake, faces one of the speaking ring demons, and takes the Prophetic Jawbone.

Publication dates

  • Issue #1: December 2011
  • Issue #2: January 2012
  • Issue #3: February 2012
  • Issue #4: March 2012
  • Issue #5: April 2012

Dark Tower – the Gunslinger: The Way Station (Hardcover)

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Plot Summary

In the speaking ring, what does the succubus have planned for the Gunslinger? Roland must leave Jake to see the Oracle, but will he survive the experience? Is Roland any closer to the Man in Black, or is he only getting closer to his own demise?

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